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August 15, 2023

How Mashpee succeeded in emancipating itself from plastic

city of Mahspee, MA

Mashpee, a small seaside town in New England, has become one of the first plastic-free towns. This achievement was made under the impetus of Andrea Becker, a mother very concerned about the environment.

Andrea Becker, a mother living in the town of Mashpee in Massachusetts, has been talking about her for several months. This 40-year-old woman, accompanying autistic children, had never initially expressed the desire to work for the environment. However, one day, a sudden realization pushes her to mobilize to change the mentalities of her neighbors.

Mashpee: a small town that dreams of saving the planet

It was by sorting her waste that Andrea Becker understood the real problem of plastic waste. Seeing that her recycling bin was as full as the garbage bin, she made the decision to react. The next day, Andrea organizes a first waste collection walk, and manages to bring together 80 people. First equipped with garbage bags, later swapped for reusable bags, the volunteers feel more and more involved. The cleaning workshops and those dedicated to the preservation of the forests are quickly experiencing a dazzling success in the small town of Mashpee. The town hall, traders, households, all are passionate about his project and are committed to erasing the consumption of single-use plastics from their daily lives.

Eco-responsibility: an individual and collective matter

This is how an individual initiative quickly became a collective philosophy. Today, the small town of Mashpee is an example for the state of Massachusetts, and not only. Its 14,000 inhabitants have obtained the status of free plastic community (commune without plastic), awarded by the environmental protection association Surfers Against sewage (surfers against waste water).

But Andrea Becker sees her fight as unfinished, because as this mother explains in an interview: we are all temporary tenants of this planet, and it is our duty to leave these territories in good state. After proving that another mode of consumption was possible, it intends to export its model to neighboring towns, and why not, one day, to neighboring states in the USA.

Cost of renting a dumpster in Mashpee, MA

In order to clean the city of Mashpee even better, local residents can rent a dumpster. The cost of renting a dumpster in Mashpee, can vary depending on several factors. Generally, the price is influenced by the size of the dumpster, the duration of the rental, and the type of waste being disposed of. In Mashpee, dumpster rental companies offer a range of sizes, from 10 to 40 cubic yards, to accommodate different project needs.

For smaller projects like home cleanouts or renovations, a 10 to 20 cubic yard dumpster might suffice, with prices starting around $250 to $400 for a week-long rental. For larger projects such as construction or major renovations, a 30 to 40 cubic yard dumpster could be required, with prices ranging from $500 to $800 or more for a similar rental duration.

It's important to note that certain types of waste, such as hazardous materials, electronics, or appliances, might incur additional fees due to special disposal requirements. Local regulations and permit costs can also impact the overall cost.

To get an accurate estimate, contacting local dumpster rental providers in Mashpee is recommended. They can provide tailored pricing based on the specifics of the project and the services required. Shopping around and comparing quotes from different companies can help ensure you get the best value for your dumpster rental needs in Mashpee.

September 04, 2022

The California Electronic Waste Recycling Act explained

California waste regulations The goal of the Electronic Waste Recycling Act in California is to reduce the amount of electronic waste generated by individuals and small companies by encouraging them to recycle their old electronics rather than just tossing them away.

Employing a professional recycler is the most efficient method for companies to take care of their electronic trash, which is why these companies need to find an effective solution.

Electronic garbage, sometimes known as "e-waste," must be recycled according to the California Electronic Waste Recycling Act (CEWRA), a piece of state legislation.

It also mandates residents of California to recycle their electronic garbage in a manner that is friendly to the environment. This article will explain what electronic garbage is, how it may be recycled, and how to recycle it in a way that does not break any rules regarding the disposal of electronic waste.

Why is it necessary to rent a dumpster to eliminate all the electronic waste

Work for a firm that is quite technologically advanced. You have a lot of outdated computers, servers, monitors, and other electronic gadgets that are just ready to be thrown away.

Unfortunately, many companies dispose of their old electronics by dumping them in landfills rather than adequately recycling them. This isn't very pleasant for the environment.

To recycle your electronic garbage, here are a few reasons why you might want to consider renting a dumpster. Starting to recycle is an excellent first step if you are worried about the environment and the consequences of climate change. The vast majority of people believe that recycling only applies to paper and metal cans.

It is very recommended that you immediately begin recycling and reusing everything. The importance of recycling in terms of both the environment and one's wallet has not gone unnoticed by anyone.

And because recycling is beneficial, you ought to engage in it as frequently as possible. In other circumstances, you might not have access to the appropriate recycling gear or sufficient storage space for many recyclable items.

If so, you might think about recycling your old electrical devices. Yes, it is possible to recycle used electronics, and you might increase your income as a result of doing so. Renting a dumpster is all that is required to get started.

What are the steps involved in hiring a dumpster in the state of California

In California, renting a dumpster may be accomplished in a few simple steps. Renting a dumpster will allow you to begin cleaning up the waste left behind by your home repair or building project. You could also call a firm that rents dumpsters and ask them to deliver one to the location of your job so that you can get started clearing away rubbish left over from the construction.

If you need to hire a dumpster for debris from a building project, the container size that is most commonly appropriate is one that has a capacity of 20 yards.

Could you please explain California's Electronic Waste Recycling Act to me

According to the legislation, each resident of California who purchases electronic equipment is required to have the ability to bring it to a recycling facility. Most of the time, the responsibility for this falls on the manufacturer or the retailer.

The corporation can quickly satisfy the standards set forth by the law in different ways. They may make it easier for consumers to bring back their gadgets by holding a collection day, holding a recycling day in the business, or setting up a recycling station in the store. Renting a dumpster is the very last option available to you. Electronics such as computers, printers, servers, cellphones, calculators, fax machines, and other smaller devices may be recycled efficiently and effectively using this method. If you need help renting dumpsters, please don't hesitate to contact a dumpster company near me.

April 30, 2022

Houston Waste Management And Recycling

Houston mayor

What Is Houston Doing About Recycling

The city of Houston maintains four recycling drop-off centers which regularly take recycled goods, like newspapers & plastic drink bottles. Six neighbourhod depository/recycling centers, which take heavier rubbish items like stoves & tree waste on top of your typical residential recyclables, are distributed across the city.

City of Houston’s Solid Waste Management

The City of Houston has begun a trial programme for curbside recycling cart labeling that is inspired after the popular Feet on Street campaign run by The Recycling Partnership. The cart labeling effort was implemented with the aim of improving both the quality and the amount of recyclable items collected through a single-stream curbside recycling program. Education efforts are supported by the grant from The Recycling Partnership as well as a solid waste reduction grant from the Houston Commission on Environmental Quality, which was awarded to the Houston-Galveston Area Council. Recycling education will be provided to households through the use of cart tags, which will give them customized and real-time feedback on the content of their recycling carts. In order to increase the amount of high-quality recyclables collected, it is intended to educate households on how to recycle properly and how to recycle more frequently than before. High-quality recyclables include those items on the city of Houston's accepted items list, such as empty and dry aluminum & tin cans, food & beverage cartons, glass bottles & jars; paper; cardboard; and plastic bottles, tubs, and jugs – all of which can be recirculated back into the economy to be used in the manufacture of new products or packaging.

60,000 houses in the City of Houston's cart-tagging pilot programme will be sampled from the 390,000 homes that get solid waste collection services from the city. An intensive six-month education and outreach campaign will be implemented, and a team of observers will visit each resident's location on collection day to provide specific input on how to improve the content of their recycling carts as part of the initiative. If non-accepted materials are discovered in the recycling carts, observers will put a "Oops" tag on the cart to alert others to the situation.Putting such a "Oops Tag" on the cart will alert the resident that adjustments to the contents of the recycling cart are required, especially indicating non-compliant items which need to be removed from the cart.

The resident will be given a sticker to take with them if any non-compliant items are discovered on a later visit; otherwise, the cart could not be serviced. It will be left with trash items containing batteries, food residue, and electronics, lengthy tangler items like cords, hoses, and chains, yard debris, household objects, scrap metal, scrap wood, and shredded paper. It will also be left with items containing food residue. The City of Houston encourages citizens to place recyclables in their recycling carts in a loose and unbagged state. Plastic bags should never be used in recycling carts because they have an adverse effect on the saleability & recoverability of other recyclable products. Houston is collecting more high-quality recyclables, which are subsequently turned into new materials, so this will promote a more circular economy, less waste on the planet, & stronger, healthier communities. Now, Houstonians consider recycling to be an essential part of their daily routine.

What Is The Trash Management System In Houston

(SWMD) Waste Management Department provides solid waste service to the citizens of Houston by collecting, disposing of, and recycling discarded materials in a manner that is safe, efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective. The Waste Management Department is a division of the Houston Public Works Department (HPWD).

What Plastics Can Be Recycled In Houston

At curbside and at all recycling drop-off facilities, the City of Houston is collecting recyclable plastics with the numbers 1 – 5 and 7 on the label. Soft drink, water, and beer bottles, mouthwash bottles, peanut butter containers, salad dressing & vegetable oil containers, and ovenable food trays are all examples of items that fall into this category.

Does Houston Recycle Shredded Paper

People in Houston throw their junk in their black garbage carts, and any additional rubbish is disposed of with the tags they purchased. Additionally, they must leave their garbage at the curb by the morning of a scheduled garbage collection day, which is approximately 7 a.m. They can throw away shredded papers in the trash can or compost it in a small backyard compost pile to help the environment.

September 26, 2021

Syracuse voluntary supply terminals and waste reception centers

Syracuse mayor Ben WalshWith selective collection in “voluntary contribution” (waste reception center, container on on public roads, in car parks, etc.), the community of Syracuse provides residents with an accessible network of containers. At the source, the user first sorts his waste and he will deposit the materials he has sorted on a site set up according to his designated path.

This arrangement, which thus consists of setting up waste reception points sorted by the user was really implemented in the period 2010. The development of selective collection plans to set up "recycling points" consisting of a terminal for glasses and a terminal for newspapers-magazines, at the rate of one point per 500 inhabitants, or approximately 750 terminals.

To date, there are 387 terminals in the Syracuse area including 252 terminals in Syracuse for a tonnage collected of thousands if tons of waste. In 2010, only one waste reception center was operational in the territory: the Syracuse waste reception center, managed by a group of Syracuse waste management companies.

Around 105,000 tonnes of waste were managed in waste reception centers in 2010, boxes or by home collection. Waste found in garden composters and municipal waste using these channels intended for household waste is not counted. An indication can thus be displayed with nearly 600 kg per capita in 2010.

Its operating cost for the year 2010 is $220,356. Waste recovery amounts to $33,353. The second waste reception center opened in early 2011. Another, delivered in 2012, exists as well. Currently, four waste reception centers are in service in the territory of Syracuse; a dozen more waste reception centers in total are to be built on the territory. But the availability of land remains the major concern.

Thus, 9,641.11 tonnes of waste were deposited by individuals in the recycling centers. Attendance increased in 2014. This result is mainly due to raising awareness among residents of the need new waste management and sustained information through media to explain the concept of how a waste reception center works, waste that can be brought there and their future.

February 20, 2020

Bernie Sanders is rising like a rocket

The American socialist is now a favorite of the Democratic primaries. A sign that more and more Americans are no longer afraid of his ideas. But the moderate camp doubts its ability to beat Trump. In 2016, his political revolution had not convinced the Democrats. Four years later, Bernie Sanders is determined to take revenge. The socialist is now the favorite of the primaries, after having gathered the largest number of votes in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada.

His broad victory in the latter state on Saturday evening confirms his ability to attract a wide variety of voters. An asset that he lacked against Hillary Clinton. University graduates or not, unionized or not, whites but also Latinos, all preferred Bernie Sanders in Nevada. The septuagenarian, long labeled as the candidate of young people also came out on top in almost all age groups. Only the over 65s resist him, perhaps still marked by the Cold War and resistant to the idea of ​​voting for a socialist.

Bernie Sanders came to a meeting in Houston, Texas on February 23, 2020 where he met some Houston local business owners. Already the winner the week before in New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders largely won the third stage of the Democratic primaries on Saturday February 22 in Nevada. He notably obtained strong support from Latinos, an important rallying in view of the Super Tuesday of March 3, when California, Texas and Colorado will vote, among others.

Are the Americans ready, in 2020, to set up a universal public health insurance, the free right to attend the universities or a sharp increase in the minimum wage? These proposals may seem normal in Europe but they have long been deemed impossible in a country where state intervention is viewed with disapproval. Today, they are part of everyday language among Democrats. Witness the emergence of new party stars, such as the young New York MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, shock support for Sanders.

Bloomberg is betting on Super Tuesday. The senator from Vermont said he was convinced that this multigenerational and multiracial coalition will allow him to access the White House. He must first win the Democratic nomination in July. Facing him, the moderate camp is divided. Joe Biden, long-time national favorite, has done poorly so far. The former vice-president of Barack Obama saved the furniture with a second place in Nevada and hopes to win South Carolina thanks to his support among African-Americans.

Today all democratic candidates and particularly Elisabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders propose the establishment of taxes on very large fortunes at an extremely high level in the pyramid of wealth. Bernie also proposes to heavily tax the oil industry and to favor companies involved in recycling waste. Almost 50% of the American population does not vote in the presidential election because it does not feel represented by the candidates. When we look at the polls on a potential Donald Trump confrontation with Bernie Sanders, we see that Sanders is the Democratic candidate who would do best against Trump. Bernie Sanders' bet is to mobilize part of the abstainers who represent 50% of the electorate. Will it pay off in this election? Many people have been away from the political process for a very long time, so perhaps their re-mobilization will take time.

Bernie Sanders therefore has a way to continue winning over Democratic delegates, by betting on a vigorous mobilization of his base. But will that be enough to win the nomination from the first round in July? The bet of what Trump calls Bernie the madman is to channel the anger of the electorate against the establishment, by opposing a populism of the left to a populism of the right. Some doubt its ability to rally beyond the progressive camp and therefore to beat the outgoing president.

To counter Sanders, billionaire Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York (he was then Republican) has little mystery about his strategy: to enter the race during Super Tuesday, March 3, when fourteen states rich in delegates will vote. Then bet on a possible second round during the Democratic convention where the moderates would rally around his candidacy. Objective: block the way to the red Sanders.

September 19, 2019

Kamala Harris is leaving the race

My first job after college graduation was at McGraw-Hill Book Company. The pay was low but the benefits were incredible and it got my foot in the door at a publishing house. As a starry-eyed twenty-something I was mesmerized to be working in a place that would have been the envy of all my schoolmates.

I have a clear memory of my father meeting me at my office for lunch. He planned on taking me to Smith & Wollensky’s across the street (yum!), but before we left I gave him the grand tour of the building. There was a restaurant on the top floor, an underground mall and theatre, and the roof was converted into a track for employees-only. McGraw-Hill wanted their staff to stay in shape. And for a good reason: A healthy employee translates into greater productivity. So when I read an article from The Wall Street Journal, "Wellness Programs Get a Health Check: Designed to Motivate Workers to Get in Shape, Employers Tread Carefully With Toughened Plans", it reminded me of the generous health insurance plan I had in 1981. That was then. This is now.

The Wall Street Journal article talked about the lengths employers now go to provide incentives for employees to remain healthy, urging them to get regular checkups and choose healthier lifestyles in order to help employers manage their health care costs. If the employees comply, they are rewarded with discounts on insurance premiums or extra cash in the form of reimbursement accounts. But what happens if they don’t comply? An employee can be penalized with a surcharge added to their premiums. The Affordable Care Act was meant to help encourage company-sponsored wellness programs by increasing maximum incentives and surcharges. Are these incentives a good thing?

Should employees be forced to participate in wellness programs or face severe consequences?Wellness issues aren’t the only problem. There is also the question of privacy. The U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recently filed two lawsuits against companies claiming that certain medical examinations and lifestyle inquiries that were not job-related violate The American with Disabilities Act (ADA). Sick employees need to know all medical waste shall be place in specialized cardboard or reusable plastic containers for transport and disposal. Such ready-made containers shall have the words "BIOHAZARD" and the generator's name and address printed on them or have stickers with such designation adhered to the containers. This is all part of quality waste management that assures our health and safety.

When one worker refused to submit to an exam they were not only denied benefits but were also fired. Another company demanded that an employee participate in the program or face cancellation of their health plan and receive disciplinary action. What do Americans think of this? In a recent Kaiser Foundation Tracking poll, "Most say it’s appropriate for employers to offer wellness programs, but not to tie premiums to participation or health programs." It seems that some companies are beginning to change their tune. For example, Johnson & Johnson, long known to offer employees the gold standard of health plans, are offering programs that are non-monetary, such as a walking program recognizing employees who walk more than one million steps a year.

Yet despite Johnson & Johnson and other companies changing their policies, The use of incentives appears to be on the rise. Seventy-four percent of employers with wellness programs planned to offer incentives this year compared with 57% in 2009, according to the National Business Group on Health. The median incentive has risen to $500 from $338 in 2010. What remains to be seen is how these lawsuits play out, and whether companies will continue or change their policies about wellness program compliance. What do you think about these policies?

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September 29, 2018

Michelle Obama is launching her new book

To promote her memoirs, "Becoming", which will be released on November 13, the former first lady is planning a tour worthy of a rockstar. Yes Michelle is certainly as popular as many celebrities from show business.

For the release of her memoirs titled Becoming, published on November 13 worldwide and in 28 languages, Michelle Obama has seen big. Very big. Usually, the authors advertise their book in bookstores, cafes or small rooms. But for Michelle Obama, she chose a rockstar promo approach. She has partnered with Live Nation, a concert organizing group that manages the careers of major artists, including Beyoncé, and will tour ten or so major cities in stadiums of 20,000 people. A first in the world of publishing.

And a successful operation, it seems. As soon as they went on sale, seats sold for between $29.50 and $3,000 were torn apart. Ten percent of the tour's revenue will be donated to charity. For its passage at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, a 20,000-seater basketball stadium, the cheapest ticket still available is$ 1,500. At this price, you will also get a signed book. For $ 2,700, you are entitled to VIP treatment with a first-class seat, reception and photo with the former first lady ... In Washington, the demand was such that Live Nation has added a second date. But it will cost at least $ 500, the price of the cheapest seats still available. "Mrs. Obama wanted her tour to be as accessible as possible," said Tara Traub, one of Live Nation Touring's leaders. Well it's missed, and the fans showed their irritation on social networks in front of these astronomical prices. "Michelle Obama sells tickets at Beyoncé's price and I did not expect it," laments a young woman on Twitter.

Will she make it an international tour and come to Europe, it is not yet decided. She came to London a few years ago and even met the Queen according to our friends at the UK best SEO company. Michelle is going to make a killing it seems with her book, and she masters marketing at a new level. We cannot wait to get our copy and discover her experience at the White House.

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May 08, 2012

Barack Obama on National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

In commemoration of National Black HIV / AIDS Awareness Day, Senator Barack Obama sent a letter to the Black AIDS Institute in Los Angeles, which will be read at their ceremony this evening honoring numerous "Heroes in the Struggle" against this ongoing epidemic. Here are excerpts from the letter, which may also be found at http://my.barackobama.com/page/content/hqblog.

HIV/AIDS is appropriately described as a global challenge. Yet we know that the struggle against HIV/AIDS is not distant - our determination to take action must begin in our own communities.

A report released a few months ago on the state of HIV/AIDS in the District of Columbia makes this point painfully clear. Over 12,500 people living in the District are known to have HIV/AIDS. One in 20 residents has HIV, and 1 in 50 has AIDS - the highest rate of infection of any city in the country. The impact is particularly grave in the African American community, as more than 80 percent of HIV cases identified in the District between 2001 and 2006 were African Americans, this is not a game anymore.

Continue reading "Barack Obama on National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day"
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March 02, 2011

David Mixner: Don't Count Out Edwards

In a recent blog post David Mixner comments on a 2008 election poll which places Edwards in the lead in Iowa:

Though we're still 11 months away, the message of this poll is clear: Don't underestimate John Edwards. Also, we should look out for Iowa polls over the next several weeks as the Big Three duke it out for Tom Vilsack's supporters.

Meanwhile, it's important to note that the nasty dustup between the Clinton and Obama camps this week does not bode well for either campaign. Remember that in 2004, Dick Gephardt and Howard Dean were frontrunners in Iowa until they went after each other tooth and nail. The voters, tired of the cut-throat campaigning, placed Kerry and Edwards at the top of the ballot."

If you've never checked out David Mixner's Blog, be sure to add it to your list. David has been a highly regarded leader in American politics and international human rights for over 40 years. He writes daily from Turkey Hollow, his mountain top home in upstate New York.

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March 01, 2010

Will Hillary Introduce Senate DADT Legislation?

Yesterday, Congressman Marty Meehan reintroduced the Military Readiness Enhancement Act, which would repeal the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy in the House. But the question remains, who will introduce the legislation in the Senate? Hillary Clinton comes to mind for two reasons. First, she has been mentioning this issue on the campaign trail. Second, she serves on the Armed Services Committee.

And what does Congressman Marty Meehan think? The Edge Reports.

Asked who he might ask to introduce the Senate bill, Meehan said several Democratic members have expressed support, including Massachusetts colleague Ted Kennedy and Russ Feingold of Wisconsin. Hillary Clinton of New York has not bluffed when she said she supports lifting the ban while campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination. Kennedy and Clinton serve on the Armed Services Committee.

Hillary, we are counting on you to be a leader on this issue! Don't let us down.

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February 28, 2009

John Edwards Statement on 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Chapel Hill, North Carolina - Senator John Edwards released the following statement today calling for an end to the military's 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy on gays and lesbians in the military. Earlier today, Congressman Marty Meehan reintroduced his Military Readiness Enhancement Act, which would repeal the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy.

"It is long past time to end the military's 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy and to allow openly gay men and women to serve in the military. It is critical to our national security that we have the best people in our military. Gay men and women have continually played to serve our country with honor and bravery, and we should honor their commitment and never turn away anyone who is willing to serve their country because of their sexual orientation.

"This is an issue of fundamental fairness - and our military ought to treat everyone fairly. I applaud Congressman Meehan on his important legislation."

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For John Edwards Supporters

Do you want to show your support for John Edwards in 2008? Do you have a website? Here are two very easy things you can do.

First, if you know RSS, you can add the Out for Edwards RSS Feed to your website.

Second, I've created this banner graphic to promote the Out for Edwards site. If you would like to add this banner code simply cut and paste the HTML below to your website:

February 27, 2008

Do We Need Democrats Like This?

Reprinted Bulletin exclusive from U.S. News & World Report:

Eaves To Attack Barbour From The Right On Social Issues. The Democratic consultants who have spent the years since 2004 trying to reverse the Democratic Party's secular image and who are credited with Democratic gains among evangelicals and other religious voters in the 2006 midterms have signed onto the campaign of a Mississippi gubernatorial candidate who will test the limits of the Democratic Party's willingness to embrace social conservatives. The Washington, DC-based Common Good strategies, started by the religious outreach director for Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign, will be working to elect John Arthur Eaves, who announced today that he will be challenging Republican Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour in 2007. Eaves is an outspoken evangelical Christian who is anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage and anti online black jack and whose internal campaign literature includes an emphasis on reintroducing school prayer to public schools. "When we took prayer out of school," the document says, "we denied our children the ability to explore one of the most important questions they should be asking: why do we exist and what is our purpose in being here?" A source close to the campaign says Eaves will also work to take advantage of evangelical discontent with Barbour over allowing casinos to come on shore.

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For Hillary Clinton Supporters

Do you want to show your support for Hillary Clinton in 2008? Do you have a website? Here are two very easy things you can do.

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February 26, 2007

For Barack Obama Supporters

Do you want to show your support for Barack Obama in 2008? Do you have a website? Here are two very easy things you can do.

First, if you know RSS, you can add the Out for Obama RSS Feed to your website.

Second, I've created this banner graphic to promote and play with the Out for Obama site. If you would like to add this banner code simply cut and paste the HTML below to your website:

February 24, 2007

An Open Letter to Rosie

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February 22, 2007

John Edwards One Corps

Are you supporting John Edwards in 2008? Well then in addition to signing up for the Out for Edwards Yahoo Group, you'll want to register at One Corps. One Corps is John Edward's online organizing tool for offline action. Check it out

Be sure to list Out for Edwards as one of your friends on One Corps!

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February 21, 2007

Team Obama

Are you supporting Barack Obama in 2008? Obama knows poker well, so when signing up for the Out for Obama Yahoo Group, you'll want to also register on the official Barack Obama website. And when you signup be sure to add 'Out for Obama' on your list of friends.

Click here to register on the official site>
* click here to register & make a donation.

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February 20, 2007

Team Hillary

Are you supporting Hillary Clinton in 2008? Well then in addition to signing up for the Out for Hillary Yahoo Group, you'll want to be sure to register on the official Hillary Clinton website.

* Click here to register on the official site
* click here to register & make a donation.

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February 19, 2007

Andrew Sullivan on HRC

Read the whole piece here.

"Gays should not expect any bipartisan attempt at progress for gay couples or people from the Human Rights Campaign, Steve Miller argues. He's right; and anyone who has followed gay politics for a while knows it. HRC is a patronage wing of the Democratic party, designed primarily to get its members jobs in future Democratic administrations or with Democrats on the Hill (even while Howard Dean treats them like the help). The idea that they would even consider endorsing a pro-gay Republican on a national level is absurd.

I've watched the military battle and the marriage battle for almost two decades now. HRC has been AWOL on both. For much of the 1990s, they were an active force opposing the fight for marriage equality, because the Clintons gave them their marching orders. The current leadership are Hillary-bots, and if she becomes president, they will go back to their role in the 1990s: as spin-meisters for the Democratic establishment. If you're for gay rights, do yourself a favor. Give your money to groups that actually care about gay rights, not just casino gamblers. Off the top of my head: Freedom To Marry, the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, Immigration Equality. If you want to give to HRC, just give it directly to Hillary. It's more efficient."

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February 18, 2007

GLCC Members Respond to DNC Op Ed

I'm including this response to Donald Hitchcock's Op Ed by request. There are some things that I take exception with. Among my concerns: these GLCC members (a group which was originally for the $2,000+ donors to the DNC) maintain that Brian Bond's main focus on the DNC is political outreach, despite the fact that this is not reflected either in his job title or in the organizational structure of the DNC), and despite the fact that we don't have concrete GLBT outreach plans I (that I know of) in place as we did under Eric Stern.

To the Editors:

Re: “Howard Dean continues to disrespect gay voters” (letter to the editor by Donald Hitchcock, Feb. 9)

For many of us who are supporters of the Democratic National Committee, we were surprised by Donald Hitchcock's letter published last week.

As donors and community activists we have a completely different take on the recent Caucus meeting, Gov. Howard Dean's remarks and most importantly DNC progress as a whole.

First, Dean, due to a very tight tournament schedule, was unable to attend all caucus meetings. However, he spent as much or more time with our caucus as he did with any other caucus.

Second, he did open up the floor to questions. While there were no questions, one person from Wisconsin said, “I don't have a question but a statement … thank you for sending money to Wisconsin to fight the anti-LGBT marriage ballot initiative.”

Third, the letter is just wrong on the number of DNC finance staff. Also, Brian Bond does only political work and no fundraising.

Fourth, Dean has treated the LGBT community extremely well. Under his leadership our community is represented at the most senior and visible levels of the party. In addition, Dean has consistently fought Republican efforts to use a federal marriage amendment to scapegoat our community, as well as anti gambling and anti freedom of speech regulations. Multiple source from online casino reviews to strong supporters of an anti UIGEA bill are confirming that.

Fifth, the attacks on DNC contributions are misleading. Let's be clear, the primary mission of the DNC is to fund and elect Democrats. However, we encourage and applaud Dean's willingness and leadership to invest limited federal dollars in a strategy to try and keep anti-gay referendum off the ballot.

Dean's 50-state strategy worked. We took control of both houses of Congress and won hundreds of seats at the state and city level.

Because Democrats took control of both houses of Congress, there will be no more FMA votes and we can expect real progress on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and hate crimes legislation.

Democrats won 10 new state legislatures, meaning there are 10 fewer legislatures from which anti-gay ballot initiatives will emerge.

We now have LGBT Convention Delegate Inclusion Plans.

The DNC is helping Stonewall Democrats build their infrastructure, training state parties in LGBT outreach and coordinating with allied organizations to create an LGBT summit.

There has been and there will continue to be real progress, it is not a game. It is important to push our party on our issues, but as we do so, we need to be honest, accurate, and balanced in what we say, otherwise we not only lose credibility but become counterproductive to our own goals. Let us now all move forward.


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